I started my racing career in 1975 on a standard Suzuki T500 in so called standardraces. I used to speed a lot on the public road and my father said, if you want to go fast, start racing, then you don't have to worry about the dangers from cars and other road users.

I raced it for about two years, then i had a bad accident in august 1977 in which i broke my legs, collarbone, arm and wrist and injured my back pretty bad.

I had to recover until march 1978 and then i started rebuilding a standard Yamaha RD350 suited for racing, and i competed in roadraces here in Holland with the NMB one of the 2 Dutch race unions. It was a very good choice to race with them because it was very well organised and it was one big family.

I raced it for one season, and then i bought a Harley Davidson RR250 production racer, a very nice and fast bike at the time.

I entered national and international meetings here in Holland and in Belgium. It was a very nice time and good fun as well.

We raced about 16 times a year on some very nice road racetracks, some very fast, some dangerous.

In 1980 we had a lot of bad and fatal accidents here in Holland an we were not allowed to race on dangerous roadtracks, so there were not so much races anymore.

In 1981 the NMB joined with the KNMV the other Dutch union, and we had the choice to retire or to join the KNMV, i raced for another season with them, but it was nothing like the old days, so at the end of 1981 i rettired from racing.

The best years i had were with the NMB and i will always remember those days.

But like Barry, the racevirus got me again and now i am building a replica Suzuki TR500 for racing in classic events, see the pageĀ TR500 replica in which i will keep you posted.

  • 01.jpg
    Rear view of the Harley. Sorry for the bad photo.
  • 02.jpg
    Before going on the track, look at the snackbar, this is in the pits.
  • 03.jpg
    At the startgrid.
  • 04.jpg
    Smiling after a good result in the race.
  • 05.jpg
    Racing in Someren.
  • 06.jpg
    Racing in the pouring rain.
  • 07.jpg
    Relaxing before the race.
  • 08.jpg
    Cornering with the HD.
  • 09.jpg
    Lining up for the start.
  • 10.jpg
    Picture of the paddock.
  • 11.jpg
    Last adjustments before the race.
  • 12.jpg
    Crash at Zolder in Belgium caused by failing brakes.
  • 13.jpg
    Crash at Zolder in Belgium.
  • 14.jpg
    Zolder Belgium 1981 on a borrowed Yamaha TZ250.
  • 15.jpg
    Venhuizen 1980.
  • 16.jpg
    Venhuizen 1981.
  • 17.jpg
    Tolbert 1980.
  • 18.jpg
    Wijnandsrade Limburg.
  • 19.jpg
    Before the start of the warming up lap.

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