This the story about my plans in building a Suzuki TR500 replica.

After i retired from racing in 1981 i said i would never race a motorbike again, it was over and done with for me.

But you now. it is a virus that sleeps inside you and suddenly wakes up and then you're hooked again, it woke up when i went to Brands Hatch where the practice was for the Superbike race. And bang it hit me again right there.

I had a wonderfull time watching the races, and to taste the atmosphere again after such a long time, and i said to myself, this is my world, i belong here, this what i love to do myself, but then just like Barry competing in classic races when and where i like.

It also struck my then 10 year old son Colin, he loves old racebikes now, and is always helpingdad with the bike, it is nice to have given that racing feeling to my son, he wants the bike after me, and he never wants to sell it he said, so it will stay in the family

And this is the story how it happened.......................

But what to do and how to do it..................

I decided i wanted to race classic races again . But on what bike??? I wanted a RG500 in Sheene style but it was to expensive and i would rather build one myself, so i thought of rebuild a standard T500 frame to TR specifications.

I found this frame and bought it, i bought two standard T500 bikes and stripped them and i rebuild one engine tuned the cylinders, bought 34mm Mikuni carbs and found someone who made me original expansion exhausts.

Brakes are GT750 discs and wheels are new made by Haan wheels in Holland.

I put the engine together and placed it in the frame, now the bike starts to look like a racer, polyesterwork is made by Harrie v/d Kruijs, i know him from my racing period. Harrie was a very good racer. And he makes very nice polyesterparts for classic racing bikes.

I made a new Sheene replica helmet, and my leathers will be in Barry Sheene style as well. 

I am racing the bike in Holland with the Jan Kostwinder Classic Team, Jan raced himself in the early days and raced in Daytona 9 times. A very nice team with some great bikes. I also race it in other countrys on invitation, or parade it.

  • 01.jpg
    The standard T500 after it was modified to TR500 spedifications by Erik Kerkhoff who used to race it..
  • 02.jpg
    The 1972 engine which i took out of the standard T500 who has been in a garage for 25 years.
  • 03.jpg
    My chief mechanic working on the engine. It is my 10 year old son who loves racingbikes.
  • 04.jpg
    The inside of the engine which i am going to use, far from ready to use.
  • 05.jpg
    34mm Mikuni race carbs which i bought from Ebay, they came all the way from Ireland. Nice set.
  • 06.jpg
    The seat and fairing made by Harrie v/d Kruijs who makes nice polyester for old racebikes. (see my links)
  • 07.jpg
    My selfmade Barry Sheene replica helmet, also on the photo above.
  • 08.jpg
    The frame with tank and seat fitted for size.
  • 09.jpg
    The rebuild engine, with, nice cut clutch cover, see the holes, 7 of them.
  • 10.jpg
    The alloy wheels ready to fit.
  • 11.jpg
    The engine fitted in the frame notice the piece cut out of the clutchcover and the holes, 7 of them.
  • 12.jpg
    The painted seat.
  • 13.jpg
    Sheene duck on the back of the seat. Nice detail.
  • 14.jpg
    The exhaust pipes almost reay, i only have to weld the parts to fit the bike.
  • 15.jpg
    The seat with the leather, looks very nice.
  • 16.jpg
    The wheels fitted with the new Avon tires it starts to look like a race bike.
  • 17.jpg
    A front view of the bike.
  • 18.jpg
    The fairing fitted for size, the nr. 7 will be my startnumber in the classic races here in Holland.
  • 19.jpg
    The faring fitted, the alu look bottom looks very nice.
  • 20.jpg
    A rear view of the bike, you can see that the fairing is perfect. It starts to look very nice.
  • 21.jpg
    A look in the cockpit, i have just put the windscreen on and made the fairingsupport.
  • 22.jpg
    I have just fixed the windscreen, so it fitted the bike.
  • 23.jpg
    The inlet which we made 4mm larger at the bottom of the port
  • 24.jpg
    The exhaust port we made 4mm larger at the top of the port.
  • 25.jpg
    The cylinderhead, we took off 1mm, it should be a fast bike now.
  • 26.jpg
    The bike fitted with the new Hagon shocks.
  • 27.jpg
    Another from the rear, they look very good.
  • 28.jpg
    The leathers remade in Sheene style by Sander Duren in Holland, they match the blue and white of the bike.
  • 29.jpg
    The back of the leathers, they look like the old blue and white Barry wore in the 80's. Very nice.
  • 30.jpg
    The new front mudguard made by Harrie v/d Kruijs, just needs to be painted in the right blue color.
  • 31.jpg
    Front view, i am going to make a wheel with a drumbrake as well, looks more original than the disc brake.
  • 32.jpg
    I have rebuild the front mudguard so that i fits nicer around the wheel.
  • 33.jpg
    A nice sideview of the bike without the fairing, look at the little Shell sticker on the seat.
  • 34.jpg
    The new hollow axle is fitted in the wheel with new bearings.
  • 35.jpg
    A close up from the frontbrake, complete with the lockwire.
  • 36.jpg
    Frontbrake ready with the nicely made brake hose.
  • 37.jpg
    Behind the fairing.
  • 38.jpg
    The tuned cylinders fitted with new pistons, and the carbs fitted.
  • 39.jpg
    My youngest son on the bike, he really likes it.
  • 40.jpg
    The rear end of the bike.
  • 41.jpg
    The fairing in his final colours, the decals has to be placed now.
  • 42.jpg
    The front of the fairing, the white plate will be yellow.
  • 43.jpg
    The decalls fitted the right way.
  • 44.jpg
    The front of the bike, it is getting there, looks very good.
  • 45.jpg
    Side view of the bike, just need to make the exhaust pipes.
  • 46.jpg
    Starting took look race ready.
  • 47.jpg
    Side view of the bike.
  • 48.jpg
    The exhaust pipes are welded to fit the bike, nice job done by Ecke welding.
  • 49.jpg
    The ingnition fitted on the bike, made by Rob Bosschieter from VOXONDA, great job Rob.
  • 50.jpg
    The TR500 is ready!! Just waiting to take it out for a test ride, and to race it.
  • 51.jpg
    In full racing gear on the bike, front view.
  • 1120077_563232473724620_1914177795_o.jpg
    Finally racing the bike.

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