My story about Barry Sheene

Posted by: Gerard Kampen on May 22, 2008

This is my own story how i met Barry Sheene, it was at the Dutch TT at Assen in 1975, i was walking around the track and Barry was waiting in his Rolls Royce to get in the paddock, i was wearing my Sheene replica leathers and replica helmet.

He saw me and opened his window and started talking to me, he asked me where i got the helmet, i told him i painted it myself, he was very impressed. And told me i did a great job.
I asked for his autograph and he started looking for a piece of paper, but he could not find one, so he gave me a empty pack of Gitane cigarettes and signed it and gave it to me. (i still got it).
Later that day i saw him beat Ago in a great battle to win his first Grand Prix.
I started visiting more races to see and maybe meet him, we went to England a few times a year to the Transatlantic, race of the year, the Grand Prix, and to Germany and Belgium.
The best thing was that every time i met him he still remembered me. And always started talking to me.
That was great.
When i started racing myself here in Holland he was ther sometimes to race, like in Raalte, Ammerzoden and other tracks. That was a dream come true racing with my hero. Only i was racing 250cc and Barry 500cc, but still on the same event, i remember when he was watching the 205cc race i was competing in.

The last time i saw him race was in a Dutch race in Raalte in 1983, he was walking in front of the grandstand and when he noticed me and started waving to me, everybody on the grandstand was looking at me because they wondered why Barry Sheene was waving at somebody on the grandstand.

Later on i was visiting the paddock, because i was a former racer i always could get in the paddock, i went to Barry's truck en he invited me in.

I was there for about 1/2 hour standing next to him talking about all sorts of things besides racing.

We took some photo's of that meeting, when i left he said take care and hope to see you again.


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