Posted by: Jaimy on Dec 30, 2015

herentals - belgium

great site ..very informative!!! I own 2 t500 engines..and 1 complete bike..a good base for a replica roadracer!!!one engine had 34 mm carbs on it so that's a bonus!!if I need parts i will give a call!!

Posted by: Alan Burton on Dec 22, 2015

Worcester - United Kingdom

Meet Barry many times great man and had time for everyone he will never be equalled with his charisma and quality and passion a true legend that is still sadly missed God bless him

Posted by: Jayne Rigby on May 28, 2015

Staffordshire - UK

Hi A couple of years ago I commissioned a pencil drawing of Barry on his bike giving the two finger salute as he passed a rival. I now wish to sell the drawing . If you know of anyone that would be interested please let me know. looking for £25 Thank you

Posted by: Paul Zywicki on Apr 22, 2015

uk - uk

hi ther I would like to get know more about barry my no is 07746462712 paul look forward to hear from you paul

Posted by: Graham Kerslake on Apr 13, 2015

Hull - Yorkshire

Hi there I have been a big barry sheen fan all my life . And I stil am . I ad the honer of meeting him . At donington park . I collect all I can on him .

Posted by: Desmet on Mar 30, 2015

nord de france - france

A Barry et toute sa Famille. Respect , homme d'exception, calme, joyeux,attentif, hyper sympathique... qui ne se prenait pas la tête; mais très concentré dans sa passion; la moto et ses adversaires. était un modèle pour moi et ma femme Lolo.. Années 74; nous étions à son Fan Club; l' avons suivi à Francorchamps, Mettet ,Assen,Brands Hatch,....Quelle merveille encore son écharpe de world champion dans mon bureau, et mon casque AGV peint à ses couleurs fidèles( ratatiné par ma gamelle du 09 09/1976), et le célèbre Donald. Je pense souvent à lui; ;ai pu ;approcher parfois dans les stands; trop timide pour l'ennuyer. Mais je le garde dans mon cœur. En 76, moi même victime ; accident de moto, ; perdu bras gauche; fémur brisé. J espoir à travers son parcours son exemple ses nombreuses victoires et ses 2 titres majeurs. Chapeau ;artiste tu restes mon idole. cordialement olivier desmet et Lolo mon épouse.

Posted by: Sharon Kingsley on Dec 27, 2014

West London - UK

This is a great site, you have done a superb job Gerard. I never got to meet Barry Sheene, I wish I had. Between Barry and James Hunt they are exactly what I look for in role models - no bullshit, honest, talented, easy going, and it does help to be very easy on the eye.

Posted by: Rick Mcwhirter on Jul 7, 2014

Cheshire - UK

Trying to get hold of a copy of Barry on a British television show called Blankety Blank. Please contact me if you can help. Rick.

Posted by: Hans Ligthart on Jun 22, 2014

Enkhuizen - Nederland

Met heel veel plezier heb ik alles bekeken en er is maar 1 woord voor geweldig. De herinnering aan die tijd was zo geweldig, en er was rivaliteit(dat is er nu ook echter op een heel ander niveau) maar er was ook respect, wat heb ik genoten, heel bijzonder. En over Barry kan ik kort zijn een geweldige man en persoonlijkheid, altijd zichzelf en voor iedereen bereikbaar, Super. Hans Ligthart

Posted by: Tina on May 22, 2014

Buckinghamshire - United Kingdom

He was my hero, I went to many bike meets with my dad to watch Barry & Steve racing. I finally met him in the pits at Donington, when I was there truck rscing with Jamieson Transport. He let my niece sit in his truck. Lovely man greatly missed.

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