Posted by: Tina on May 22, 2014

Buckinghamshire - United Kingdom

He was my hero, I went to many bike meets with my dad to watch Barry & Steve racing. I finally met him in the pits at Donington, when I was there truck rscing with Jamieson Transport. He let my niece sit in his truck. Lovely man greatly missed.

Posted by: Barry on Feb 22, 2014

Lewis - uk

I was amazed to find this site, purely by accident. So I will just say that I rode bikes in 1976 onwards as a teenager. Barry Sheen was my mentor and my bike (Suzuki) was painted in the team heron colours. I owned a Barry Sheen replica helmet and based my riding style on him. I have a record that motorcycle news released in 1977 when the Suzuki range were tested and have the sound of the bikes in stereo including Sheen and Steve parish. I have the Barry Sheen magazine story from 1977 and posters that lived on my bedroom wall. I have just bought another bike at the age of 52 and the Duck is going back on it... Good times..

Posted by: Graham Warren on Feb 5, 2014

woking - England


Posted by: Graham Warren on Feb 5, 2014

woking - England

Saw sheene on many occasions and I will not forget watching them film silver dream machine at Donington park, ,seeing sheene and Roberts leaning on each other for fun!!! He Was and always be my hero! ! Miss him!

Posted by: Kevin Smith on Jan 14, 2014

Harleston - Norfolk

I was a huge fan of Barry growing up in the 1970's. I saw him race in 1978 at the Brands and Mallory Transatlantic races thanks to my brother and his mate taking me. I finally met Barry in 1985 at a Silverstone Truck Race and got his autograph. I pulled a pack of cigs out and he scrounged a fag off me for a trade of 2 signed photos. What a great guy he was

Posted by: Mick Clapham on Nov 25, 2013

leeds, yorkshire, - england

simply......miss you Barry!!!

Posted by: John Parker on Oct 25, 2013

Southampton - England

I was lucky enough to have met the Legend in 2002. Very nice man. I am currently selling an Autographed copy of the 2002 programme from the Goodwood Revival Meeting on EBay if anyone is interested. Plus a few extras. Please take look. Thanks

Posted by: John Parker on Oct 25, 2013

Southampton - England

I grew up watching Barry Sheene. He was Great. I was lucky to meet him in 2002 at Goodwood. He was a real Gent. I am selling his autograph in the programme from the Revival meeting that year on eBay right now if anyone is interested in owning it. I'm glad to see a site keeping this legend alive. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Paul Morris on Oct 1, 2013

Thornbury - uk

Every boy needs a hero he was mine I would have loved to have meet him

Posted by: Phil Gallier on Sep 1, 2013

Telford - UK

Just seen the line-up of Barry's bikes prior to the British GP at Silverstone. Nice to see Sidonie and Freddie as well, just wish the old maestro could have been there as well, I would have paid the admission fee just to see him, and his bikes.

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