Posted by: Rick Mcwhirter on Jul 7, 2014

Cheshire - UK

Trying to get hold of a copy of Barry on a British television show called Blankety Blank. Please contact me if you can help. Rick.

Posted by: Hans Ligthart on Jun 22, 2014

Enkhuizen - Nederland

Met heel veel plezier heb ik alles bekeken en er is maar 1 woord voor geweldig. De herinnering aan die tijd was zo geweldig, en er was rivaliteit(dat is er nu ook echter op een heel ander niveau) maar er was ook respect, wat heb ik genoten, heel bijzonder. En over Barry kan ik kort zijn een geweldige man en persoonlijkheid, altijd zichzelf en voor iedereen bereikbaar, Super. Hans Ligthart

Posted by: Tina on May 22, 2014

Buckinghamshire - United Kingdom

He was my hero, I went to many bike meets with my dad to watch Barry & Steve racing. I finally met him in the pits at Donington, when I was there truck rscing with Jamieson Transport. He let my niece sit in his truck. Lovely man greatly missed.

Posted by: Barry on Feb 22, 2014

Lewis - uk

I was amazed to find this site, purely by accident. So I will just say that I rode bikes in 1976 onwards as a teenager. Barry Sheen was my mentor and my bike (Suzuki) was painted in the team heron colours. I owned a Barry Sheen replica helmet and based my riding style on him. I have a record that motorcycle news released in 1977 when the Suzuki range were tested and have the sound of the bikes in stereo including Sheen and Steve parish. I have the Barry Sheen magazine story from 1977 and posters that lived on my bedroom wall. I have just bought another bike at the age of 52 and the Duck is going back on it... Good times..

Posted by: Graham Warren on Feb 5, 2014

woking - England


Posted by: Graham Warren on Feb 5, 2014

woking - England

Saw sheene on many occasions and I will not forget watching them film silver dream machine at Donington park, ,seeing sheene and Roberts leaning on each other for fun!!! He Was and always be my hero! ! Miss him!

Posted by: Kevin Smith on Jan 14, 2014

Harleston - Norfolk

I was a huge fan of Barry growing up in the 1970's. I saw him race in 1978 at the Brands and Mallory Transatlantic races thanks to my brother and his mate taking me. I finally met Barry in 1985 at a Silverstone Truck Race and got his autograph. I pulled a pack of cigs out and he scrounged a fag off me for a trade of 2 signed photos. What a great guy he was

Posted by: Mick Clapham on Nov 25, 2013

leeds, yorkshire, - england

simply......miss you Barry!!!

Posted by: John Parker on Oct 25, 2013

Southampton - England

I was lucky enough to have met the Legend in 2002. Very nice man. I am currently selling an Autographed copy of the 2002 programme from the Goodwood Revival Meeting on EBay if anyone is interested. Plus a few extras. Please take look. Thanks

Posted by: John Parker on Oct 25, 2013

Southampton - England

I grew up watching Barry Sheene. He was Great. I was lucky to meet him in 2002 at Goodwood. He was a real Gent. I am selling his autograph in the programme from the Revival meeting that year on eBay right now if anyone is interested in owning it. I'm glad to see a site keeping this legend alive. Keep up the good work.

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