Posted by: Russ on Mar 10, 2013


10 years on, still a hero.

Posted by: Aly Prow on Feb 25, 2013

iver south bucks - uk

very impressed gerard, keep up the good work hope to see you in uk this year.

Posted by: W. Hnse on Feb 22, 2013

Thringen - Deutschland

Habe Barry bei seinen großen erfolgen auf der Rennstrecke gesehen. Zum letzten mal 1998 in Assen. Jetzt fährt mein Enkel Motorradrennen und hat für dieses Jahr die Startnummer 7 bekommen worüber ich mich besonders gefreut habe. Gruß Wolfgang und Justin #7

Posted by: Luc on Feb 16, 2013

antwerpen - belgium

mijn zoon zijn voornaam is sheene.

Posted by: Dave Atherton on Feb 7, 2013

st.helens,merseyside - england

barry was a great bike rider and brought much excitement and pride to the british people but also he just seemed a nice guy,barry went much to soon my thoughts and prayers go to his loved ones,i hope youve found peace since barry went away.take care and bestv wishes.dave

Posted by: Olivier on Feb 2, 2013

Montreal - Canada

Great job on the Replica TR500 Gerard, well done, great site and its great to read the posted comments, keep up the great work.

Posted by: Adrian on Feb 2, 2013

England - North Yorkshire

I too remember with fondness watching Barry race round Olivers Mount at Scarborough in North Yorkshire in the early 1980's . An absolute showman, sadly missed.

Posted by: Chris Cox on Jan 15, 2013

Gainsborough - England

Hi Gerard, Great site! well done mate. i loved watching Barry as a lad and he is the reason i got into bikes. I am an artist and i have just finished a drawing of Barry, i would love to know what you think, here is a link to the work.

Posted by: Jeff on Dec 30, 2012

Yorkshire - UK

I remember watching Barry when I was young racing around Scarbrough. I particularly remember seeing him come round the few straights so far in front it sounded like his engine had failed when in fact he was just slowing to let other catch up so he could make the race more interesting for the crowd. Fantastic to watch and a great loss way to early.

Posted by: Cartlidge on Dec 21, 2012

Sydney - Australia

I watched Barry being 'bungy corded' (occa strapped) onto a bike at Oulton Park just weeks after Daytona, from memory he won one race and placed in the other. I remember admiring Stephanie seeing her in the pits at Mallory. Great family, perfect spouse, good people. The World is full of 'little men' and fake celebrities nowadays, but real heroes like Barry will never die. I've been writing the number 7 with a slash on it ever since - a small personal but tangible reminder of a him and the legacy he left to the m/c World and Racing in general. Hell of a guy, racing is bereft of larakins like Barry now, fck the nay-sayers, ride on Bazza, MCC

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